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Patifu is a pate made exclusively from plants. This makes Patifu a healthy and safe alternative to meat pates. In addition, we do not use glutamate or any chemical additives, preservatives or flavours, all ingredients are natural. Patifu are packed in lightweight recyclable aluminum trays which allow easy opening and long shelf life without the need for chilling. This is achieved by warming the product to 120°C. Patifu are good for everyone who cares about what they eat and want to eat healthy food. They do not contain nuts, milk proteins or animal fats and are therefore suitable for various diets.

Pâtifu Oyster Mushrooms Premium Tofu Pâté

SKU: 8594010512087
  • Ingredients: water, tofu 23% (soya, bittern), potatoes, rapeseed oil, yeast, oyster mushroom 3%, yeast extract, salt, spices, thickeners: carrageenan*, guar gum**.


    Allergens are marked in bold.


    * Carrageenan is a natural additive extracted from a red seaweed Chondrus Crispus also known as Irish Moss.

    **Guar gum is a natural additive derived from guar beans.


    Nutrition facts

    per 100 g of product

    Energy 987 kJ /236 kcal

    Fat 22,3 g

    of which saturates 1,6 g

    Carbhohydrate 4,7 g

    of which sugars 0,6 g

    Protein 3,8 g

    Salt 1 g


    Store at +2 + 27 ° C. Consume immediately after opening.