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Substantial and tasty vegan pâtés.

Welcome to Pâtifu UK online store! 

Patifu, the most delicious, nutritious, all natural range of pates suitable for vegans, is produced by Veto Eco, a dedicated Czech producer of plant based foods.

The main ingredient and the main source of protein and other essential nutrients is tofu - a soya bean curd. 

Veto Eco cares about the environment and packs Patifu in recyclable lightweight aluminium trays.  Heating the product to 120°C and using this kind of packaging allows the pates to be stored at room temperature before opening.

If you are vegan or trying to add more plant based foods to your diet and enjoy their taste, then Patifu is the right choice for you.


What is Tofu?

Tofu is made from soya beans and is sometimes referred to as soya bean cheese.

Soya bean is an important legume which is rich in complex proteins and amino acids.

For vegans, it is an absolutely key source of protein and an essential part of their diet. For those who consume animal products tofu will make a tasty and nutritious alternative meal.

How do products from tofu benefit human health?

  • protect and improve the cardiovascular system,

  • reduce cholesterol,

  • are suitable for people allergic to dairy products,

  • prevent the emergence of certain types of cancer,

  • are an excellent source of high-quality protein,

  • help to keep your bones healthy and strong.


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